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SAPFLUXNET is an initiative aiming at compiling a global database of sap flow measurements in plants led by CREAF researchers and an international team of collaborators. The main goal of SAPFLUXNET is to advance in the scientific understanding of the ecological factors driving plant transpiration across the globe.

SAPFLUXNET objectives

  1. To assemble a global database of sub-daily, tree-level sap flow, associated plant traits and site metadata.
  2. To estimate parameter-based traits related to physiological regulation of transpiration at scales from hours to entire growing seasons.
  3. To analyse the main ecological drivers of transpiration-related traits and annual tree transpiration.
  4. To investigate the co-variation of water use traits with other (mostly hydraulic) plant functional traits and its role in shaping the drought vulnerability of woody species.

SAPFLUXNET acknowledgements

SAPFLUXNET began as a 3-year project starting in October 2015 at CREAF and funded by the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness MINECO (Grant Nº CGL2014-55883-JIN).

How to use SAPFLUXNET data

SAPFLUXNET is available to everyone via Zenodo website.

  • Please acknowledge the use of SAPFLUXNET by citing the SAPFLUXNET data paper or the Zenodo dataset, if the data paper is still unpublished.

  • When a small subset of SAPFLUXNET datasets are used, acknowledgement via citation of original publications presenting individual datasets should be considered.

  • Please use the sapfluxnetr package to access the SAPFLUXNET database, once downloaded.

2020-05-12: sapfluxnetr v0.1.0 R package has been released

Ongoing data syntheses using SAPFLUXNET

Description of ongoing data syntheses and other papers using SAPFLUXNET data.

Leading author Institution Topic/Tentative title Stage
Rafael Poyatos CREAF SAPFLUXNET: Global transpiration data from sap flow measurements Manuscript in process
Víctor Flo CREAF Water use regulation strategies related to physiological and structural traits across species Manuscript in process
Víctor Flo CREAF Biogeographical patterns in environmental controls of water use regulation Data analysis
Miquel de Cáceres CTFC, CREAF Unravelling the effect of species mixing on water use and drought stress in Holm oak forests: a modelling approach Submitted manuscript
Víctor Granda JRU CREAF-CTFC Discover, analyse and visualize sap flow data: the sapfluxnetr package Manuscript in process
Rafael Poyatos CREAF Global patterns of tree transpiration Experimental design
Sacha Khoury, David Coomes Cambridge University Ground versus remote estimations of water flow in contrasting forests Experimental design
Jacob Nelson MPI-BGC Jena Ecosystem transpiration and evaporation: insights from three water flux partitioning methods across FLUXNET sites Submitted manuscript
Diego Miralles Ghent University Testing model-based and satellite-based quantifications of ecosystem transpiration Experimental design
Alison Prior, Colin Prentice Imperial College London Testing carbon-water optimality hypotheses using sap flow data Experimental design

  • The paper in bold is the data paper presenting SAPFLUXNET, where all contributors will be listed as co-authors.

  • The paper in italics corresponds to the paper to be co-authored by all SAPFLUXNET data contributors whose data are used.