Call for data” original requirements

Here is a description of what sort of datasets we are looking for, highlighting the minimum requirements for acceptable data contributions.

Please get in contact with us at for any further questions:

  • The experimental site must be a field setting (including orchards, but excluding studies in greenhouses and in potted plants).

  • Sap flow or sap flux density time series, measured in stems or whole plants (not in branches), at sub-daily (e.g. hourly, half-hourly) resolution, for a minimum continuous period of 3 months, but ideally spanning one year or growing season.

  • Environmental time series data must include basic meteorological data (i.e. air temperature, relative humidity and a measure of radiation) spanning, at least, the entire duration of the sap flow measuring period. If readily available, we also welcome meteorological data covering the full year when sap flow data was taken.

  • Site metadata should include at least contact information, site coordinates and a reference to the main publication arisen from the data.

  • Stand metadata should include basic information on stand structure (growth condition, stem density, basal area) and terrain attributes (slope, aspect).

  • Plant metadata should include basic plant information such as species identity, stem diameter and either sapwood area or depth. Data contributors should also provide information on the sap flow method used and units of measurement.