Image credit: Zenodo
Image credit: Zenodo

SAPFLUXNET: A global database of sap flow measurements


SAPFLUXNET contains a global database of sap flow and environmental data, together with metadata at different levels. SAPFLUXNET is a harmonised database, compiled from contributions from researchers worldwide. This first version contains more than 200 datasets, from all over the World, covering a broad range of bioclimatic conditions. More information on the coverage can be found here: Please note that, according to the data policy (, the SAPFLUXNET database will remain under restricted access during one year after its initial publication, and will only be available for data contributors. The SAPFLUXNET project has been developed by researchers at CREAF and other institutions (, coordinated by Rafael Poyatos (CREAF,, and initially funded by a Spanish Young Researcher’s Grant (MINECO-MICINN, CGL2014-55883-JIN).

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